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All ages, all levels, convenient location, private instruction on:
Music is for all, not just for most musically or intellectually gifted
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Music: An excellent way to acquire life shaping skills
The program encourages participation, listening, creativity and personal music growth

We emphasize the fundamentals
of music as well as encourage exploration and creativity

Oakville Conservatory of Music
We are proud to inform you that our student Daniel Johnson is the recipient of the 2014 Gold Medal for Grade 1 Trumpet in Ontario at the Royal Conservatory of Music
Newspaper: "Oakville Beaver" February 12, 2015
Music - making develops:

Physical skills: gross and fine motor co-ordination

Personal skills: Self-discipline, responsibility, social skills, cooperation, positive self-concept
Music-making is:

because music can express wide range of feelings and thoughts

because making music can simultaneously engage thought processes that are linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, scientific, mathematical and sensory

because the activities require a large range of gross and fine motor coordination

because there are opportunities for the development of self-discipline and self-worth as students participate and have successful experiences

because part of the music making process requires cooperation, interaction with and respect for the contribution of others
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School Christmas recital will be held on Friday, December 23rd at 7PM, Central Baptist Church, 340 Rebecca St. Oakville.